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Shopping safely online

The importance of buying the genuine article

Don’t be fooled by lower prices elsewhere.

We recommend you only buy from the Canon Official Store or an approved retailer, to ensure you are eligible for our 2 year Manufacturer’s warranty.

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What are “Grey Market” products?

“Grey Market products” are genuine Canon products that have been imported by importers or resellers who are not authorized by Canon for the United Arab Emirates.

Since Canon localises its products to meet the needs of each specific market, products intended for sale in the UAE and Middle East will come with different accessories, manuals, [software] and warranties to those that are intended for markets outside the Middle East, such as the USA, EU and UK, Hong Kong and China.

The danger of counterfeit products

Please be aware of the many websites that are designed to trick you into believing they’re actually selling genuine Canon branded goods when in fact they are selling fake or counterfeit products.

Fake electrical products can be dangerous and may cause injury and damage to you and your property. Shopping on websites selling fake products may also expose you to identity theft and fraud.

Our two year warranty only applies if your product is genuine. We are unable to fix fakes.

Find out more about identifying fakes.

Together we can tackle this problem. How?

We have a dedicated team that work closely with the Police, Customs and Trading Standards to protect you from the dangers of fake products.

If you have any doubts at all, don’t buy it.

If you think you may have purchased a fake product or have any information regarding a site you suspect may be selling fake goods, please contact us at ipr.info@canon-europe.com

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