DSLR Cameras

Never miss a beat with DSLR cameras. The classic optical viewfinder is perfect for anyone who likes the feel of a traditional camera, while powerful sensors produce high-pixel, clear imagery with excellent colour rendition.

Discover our full Canon DSLR range, which includes over 80 compatible lenses and many accessories.

Popular models include the EOS 5D Mark IV, 6D Mark II and 90D.

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A DSLR camera's optical viewfinder means you see less delay, which when combined with customisable features, means that DSLR cameras offer excellent control over the final image.

Canon DSLRs are trusted and reliable. Weather sealing, durable manufacture and resilient battery life are great for off the road photography, while good shutter speed and aperture control work in low light too.

Discover full-frame or APS-C digital SLR cameras. Beginners and enthusiasts can check out a mid-range DSLR, while camera lenses for beginners can help anyone get to grips with a Canon DSLR.